The International Journal of Education and Teaching Zone (IJETZ) charges the following author fees:

Article Publication: 32.66 (USD) To support the costs of disseminating research results with wide open access, as well as to manage the various costs associated with handling and editing submitted manuscripts and managing the journal and publications in general. authors or Author agencies are required to pay a publication fee for each article received. The fee is USD 32.66 (~IDR 500.000) for a standard twelve (12) page manuscript. For each additional page, there will be an additional charge of USD 5 (~IDR 76.250) per page with a maximum of 20 pages. Instructions for sending money by bank transfer will be provided by the editor in chief with a notification of the receipt of the paper received. Waiver or waiver of a part of the author's honorarium can be decided by the chief editor if there is a lack of funds, the submitted manuscript is too long, or other strong reasons were given by the author at the time of submission. Authors must contact the editor in chief if they are unable to pay the publication fee so that they can be considered to qualify for a partial waiver of the publication fee. We hope that the lack of funds will not prevent a proper and best work from being published.